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Training with Judy Kirsh

About Judy Kirsh

Judy Kirsh ESOL teacher trainingJudy has nearly 30 years experience in the field of English Language Teaching as a teacher, teacher-trainer, external examiner, consultant and materials-writer. Recently, she has been working with Learning Unlimited on various EIF projects, having previously worked at LLU+ on a range of projects and courses including the development of the Citizenship materials for ESOL learners, ESOL subject specialist modules, combined and blended learning ESOL/Literacy DTELLS and the highly-acclaimed ‘Teaching Basic Literacy to ESOL learners’ course, to name but a few.  Judy developed CPD modules for the British Council ESOL Nexus project and has also worked as a CELTA trainer. She is currently a trustee and former co-chair of NATECLA.

Judy is offering the following training sessions as part of NATECLA Training:

Other possible CPD sessions (which can be customised to suit the organisation’s requirements):
  • Teaching unplugged – dogme and ESOL
  • Task-based learning
  • Developing speaking and listening skills
  • Developing reading skills
  • Developing writing skills – moving learners on from E1
  • Differentiation in the ESOL classroom
  • ESOL for work 
  • Language teaching methodology and approaches
  • ESOL volunteer training
  • Embedding training (for LLN and vocational teachers – how to embed language, literacy and/or numeracy into vocational sessions, including functional skills)

Literacy for ESOL teachers 

This course is designed to prepare ESOL teachers to teach Literacy or Functional Skills English to ‘traditional’ literacy students. The full 6-day course covers different aspects such as Literacy pedagogy, teaching approaches, varieties of English, dyslexia and learning difficulties, teaching spelling and phonics. It may be possible to gain accreditation (Level 5 Additional Diploma in Teaching Literacy). Please note that the course can be customised to suit the needs of your organisation.

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Teaching pronunciation

This two day practical course covers all the essential aspects of teaching pronunciation to ESOL learners. It is suitable for all ESOL teachers, new and experienced, who would like to increase their knowledge of phonology and become more confident in integrating pronunciation into their day-to-day teaching. Participants will consider the difficulties learners may experience in both hearing and producing the sounds of English and how this may affect their comprehension and intelligibility. They will take part in a range of interactive, experiential activities to investigate, for example, the way phonemes are produced and linked in natural speech, word and sentence stress, rhythm and intonation. Teaching strategies and techniques will be explored and discussed.

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ESOL and Maths 

This interactive one day course is suitable for those who are teaching Maths to ESOL learners or for ESOL teachers who wish to integrate numeracy into their teaching. It explores some of the issues, opportunities and activities for integrating numeracy into ESOL teaching and learning as well as language development in numeracy contexts.

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Language and Literacy awareness training for front-line staff

This one day training course is aimed at professionals/front-line workers who come into contact with individuals who may have language or literacy difficulties. Participants have the opportunity to explore what it feels like to be an adult in this situation and gain a greater understanding of why some people do not find it easy to communicate, read and/or write in English. They will review strategies for effective communication in their workplace and discuss cultural differences and approaches for effective support.

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