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NATECLA Statement on Afghan Refugees - August 2021

Afghanistan is undergoing a heart-breaking humanitarian crisis. Women, children and men are at risk of their lives and safety and civic life has collapsed. The lives of those who use or promote education in English are in danger, their families are threatened with violence.

Our thoughts are with the Afghan people and those in our ESOL community who are from Afghanistan, have family and friends in Afghanistan, and may themselves be awaiting permission to live in the UK. We urge ESOL teachers and providers to reach out to their students and offer support where it is needed.

NATECLA, along with many civil society organisations, demands that our government:

·         Grants asylum to all Afghans in danger/under threat immediately, regardless of the way they gain entry to the UK

·         Joins efforts to evacuate and resettle Afghans

·         Grants immediate asylum to Afghans already waiting for or appealing their decisions in the UK


Please see the statement by the Joint Committee for Welfare of Immigrants here.

Please see the Factsheet by ARAP (Afghan Relocations and Assistance Policy) here and more information here.