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NATECLA always welcomes new branch members. To get involved with your local branch, or to find out how to start a new branch in your area, contact the National Centre. 


Join NATECLA as an ESOL branch member

An exciting, new Greater London branch of NATECLA has been established (combining the former North Thames and South Thames branches). NATECLA London provides a forum for ESOL and community language teachers in the London area, with regular professional development and networking events taking place in central London at the moment.

If you teach ESOL or community languages anywhere in or around London, then this is the branch for you!


Midlands BranchDo you teach ESOL or community languages anywhere within the East or West Midlands?  If the answer is yes then we would like to welcome you to the branch at the heart of the country. 

We hold our AGM and training day workshops once a year in May when members can get together and share ideas. We usually have at least two workshops and try to cater for all our members, with their current needs and national developments in mind. In the last two years the training days have been held in Birmingham and Walsall.



Yorkshire and Humberside

Yorkshire and Humberside branchThe Yorkshire and Humberside branch of NATECLA is an active group of ESOL practitioners who coordinate the branch and organise training workshops and social opportunities for members. At our bi-annual events, ESOL teachers gather for training sessions on a range of topics - many old acquaintances are renewed and new friendships made. 

Come and join us. 


NATECLA North West and North Wales Branch 

North West Training Event
If you teach ESOL or community languages anywhere from Bangor to Blackburn or Prestatyn to Penrith and all points around, then this is the branch for you.
We hold an AGM and training day once a year either just before or just after Easter where members can get together and share ideas. We usually have two workshops each run twice in the day so everyone has a chance to attend both. In recent years the training day has been held in Preston, Blackburn, Liverpool and Stockport.


NATECLA East of England

The NATECLA East of England branch has gone from strength to strength since its revival in 2018 by the Chair Rachel Öner. The branch has a strong networking presence in the region with an annual conference, discussion forums and a local blog, sharing news, events and opportunities for ESOL practitioners from across the six counties.

If you would like to become involved in any way, we would love to hear from you.

>> Visit the NATECLA East of England blog to find out more


NATECLA Scotland

NATECLA Scotland - new branchThe NATECLA Scotland Branch was revived in early 2016 by Pauline Blake-Johnston and Sue Hain. The purpose was to have a NATECLA presence in Scotland again, but also to try and share the good, and diverse, work spread across the country.

Presently, we are working on spreading the news the branch is to be revived, gathering supporters within Scotland, developing and appointing a working Committee and designing our website, which we hope will become a source of information and ideas to all.

If you would like to become involved in anyway, we would love to hear from you.

>> Visit the NATECLA Scotland website to find out more about this exciting new branch and to get involved. 


NATECLA Island of Ireland (Brand new branch for 2020)

The NATECLA IOI (Island of Ireland) Branch aims to offer quality CPD events all over the Island of Ireland offering events in NI in the first year and in the second year expanding to include the rest of the Island working with other ELT, BME, EAL, ESOL, EFL & Literacy organisations. Our aim will be to build bridges across communities, organisations, colleges, schools, volunteer groups and individual teachers and provide them with many workshops, CPD events and an annual conference.  Events will be held across the Island so that all regions can benefit from professional development. 



Please contact National Centre if you live in any other area and are interested in branch networking