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Charitable status


NATECLA was granted charitable status [^] in October 2013, allowing the organisation to claim tax relief on income and apply for grants from trusts and donors. In addition, as a registered charity, we now have more chance of gaining access to and securing funds from central government, local government, the EU and grant-making charities. 

Our charity number is 1154124. 

Our aims as a charity

NATECLA aims to advance all aspects of education and training in English for adult speakers of other languages for the public benefit. 

Providing a network for our membersTo achieve these aims NATECLA will, in particular but not exclusively, provide a professional forum for: 
  • teachers and those organising provision of English to adult speakers of other languages (hereinafter known as ESOL) resident in the U.K. 
  • teachers of community languages and  others concerned with multi-lingual language issues in post-16 education. 

Our trustees

NATECLA's trustees, in collaboration with our Management Council, Branch Network and National Coordinators, manage and support our work. The trustees work for NATECLA in a voluntary capacity and include:

  • Rachel Oner (Co-chair)
  • Greg Dugdale (Co-chair)
  • Nafisah Graham-Brown (Treasurer)    
  • Mary Osmaston (previous co-chair)
  • Diana Tremayne (Management Council research rep)
  • Jenny Roden (Management Council ESOL Strategy rep)

Our policies

Our policies are provided here and will be added to and updated as appropriate:

Find out more about our charitable status

Find out more about NATECLA and our charitable status by visiting our profile on the Charity Commission website