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Continuing professional development for English language teachers, at all stages of their career, is essential. 

ESOL training for teachersAt NATECLA, we realise that high quality, current and affordable practical in-house training, specifically tailored for ESOL departments, is in short supply. Utilising our network of highly rated teacher trainers, NATECLA has now established an in-house training service for further education colleges, adult and community education services and private training providers, including those in the EFL field, to support teachers and managers across the UK with developing practical teaching skills. 

Our innovative and highly experienced trainers - all with varying experience and approaches -  offer a wide range of practically-focused 90 minute, half day or full day sessions which can be tailored to your departmental requirements. Here's a small taster of what our trainers can offer:

  • Using authentic listening resources productively
  • Unlocking IELTS: A key to the exam for new IELTS students
  • Of course: Using a coursebook and engaging with emergent language
  • Good practice in developing ESOL resources
  • Getting creative with grammar teaching
  • Exploiting texts for lexis
  • Online tools to aid vocabulary development
  • Embedding ESOL in mainstream courses
  • Basic literacy for ESOL learners
  • Teaching pronunciation 
  • Differentiation: stretching and supporting learners without over-stretching teachers
  • Giving effective feedback
  • Teaching unplugged – Dogme and ESOL
  • Task-based learning
  • Developing writing skills – moving learners on from E1
  • Designing digital resources and online tasks
  • Happiness and wellbeing in the ESOL classroom

Sessions range in price, according to trainer and length of session, but start from only £125 with significant discounts for NATECLA's Institutional Members. Why not consider NATECLA Training for your next staff development or in-house training day?

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If you would like to know more about our consultancy services then please email: info@natecla.org.uk