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NATECLA Training has development partnerships with the following experienced English Language teacher trainers, all of whom come highly-rated from previous NATECLA conferences and training events:


About Rachael Roberts

Rachael Roberts ELT Trainer ResourcefulSince 1989 Rachael has worked as a teacher, teacher trainer and materials writer in both ELT and ESOL contexts. She started her career abroad, in Portugal, Brazil and Poland, then returned to the UK, where she spent ten years at Solihull College, before becoming a tutor on the ESOL Level 5 qualification at Warwick University. Currently Rachael spends most of her time writing teaching materials, but still teaches from time to time at Warwickshire College. She also spends rather too much time on Twitter (@teflerinha) and on her website, www.elt-resourceful.com. writing posts on different aspects of materials writing and teaching .

About Judy Kirsh

Judith Kirsh Basic literacy ESOLJudy has nearly 30 years experience in the field of English Language Teaching as a teacher, teacher-trainer, external examiner, consultant and materials-writer. Recently, she has been working with Learning Unlimited on various EIF projects, having previously worked at LLU+ on a range of projects and courses including the development of the Citizenship materials for ESOL learners, ESOL subject specialist modules, combined and blended learning ESOL/Literacy DTELLS and the highly-acclaimed ‘Teaching Basic Literacy to ESOL learners’ course, to name but a few.  Judy developed CPD modules for the British Council ESOL Nexus project and has also worked as a CELTA trainer. She is currently a trustee and former co-chair of NATECLA.

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About Christine Tudor-Jones

Christine Tudor-JonesChristine has been a member of NATECLA for about fifteen years and has been teaching ESOL for the same length of time.  After 5 torrid years in a primary classroom, she found Birmingham Adult Education ESOL classes, decided this was the place for her, and (kindly sponsored by them) did her CELTA.  She works for the newly merged South and City College Birmingham as a lecturer in ESOL, a CELTA trainer and TLC (Teaching and Learning Coach).   She also does a bit of examining of CELTA courses.  Christine took a short break 2 years ago to do an MA in ELT at Warwick University, which was great.  

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About Mary Osmaston

Mary Osmaston UCLANMary Osmaston is an experienced ESOL teacher, teacher trainer and manager. She works in teacher education at the University of Central Lancashire, on both the generic and the subject specialist (level 5) training programmes, and she is an external assessor for CELTA courses.   She has led professional development workshops for ESOL teachers and teacher trainers for many years, focusing on practical teaching and learning as well as teachers’ knowledge about language and language learning.

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About Jenny Roden

Jenny RodenJenny has forty years of experience in the field of ESOL and ELT as a teacher, manager, teacher trainer and materials writer. She is currently working as a freelance consultant and is co-chair of NATECLA.

She has set up and run courses in Trinity Cert TESOL and the Additional Diploma for Literacy and Numeracy (ADTLLS). She is skilled at tailoring courses to meet the precise requirements of ESOL and ELT students as well as other clients, such as employers, social services, and educational establishments. Training delivered for these clients includes language awareness, embedding English and ESOL into vocational courses and the education and training needs of refugees. 

Jenny has a master’s degree in Educational Studies and has edited the NATECLA journal, ‘Language Issues’. She was a member of the Advisory Group for the British Council ESOL Nexus project. She has written for a number of Macmillan ELT series as well as for NATECLA publications. 

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About Kathryn Aldridge-Morris

Kathryn Aldridge-Morris

Kathryn is a freelance ELT author, editor and teacher trainer and co-chair of NATECLA's South West branch. 

She is an experienced ESOL teacher and Advanced Practitioner and has significant experience of delivering CPD when she was part of the Quality Assurance Team at an FE college. As a Project Coordinator for the British Council’s ESOL Nexus project, she ran materials development training workshops and teacher training sessions on digital literacy and lower level learners. 

She has published Student Books, Workbooks, Teacher’s Books, museum resources and online materials as well as ESOL-related articles for a wide range of publishers. Her book How to Write ESOL Materials was published in 2015 by ELT Teacher2Writer.

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About Amanda Avison

Amanda Avison pronunciation trainerCurrently working as a lecturer at Dundee and Angus College, Amanda has been teaching ESOL for over 10 years. She has experience of teaching multi-lingual and mono-lingual groups in general and academic English in college, language school and community settings. She has also taught Business English and literacies, has prepared students for SQA ESOL and Core Skills assessments from literacies to higher level and for Cambridge exams at all levels including IELTS. However, her biggest passion is teaching pronunciation.

For over five years Amanda has been developing her skills in teaching pronunciation, by integrating it into her ESOL classes, developing and delivering CPD for colleagues and developing stand-alone pronunciation courses. Working part-time at college gives her the best of both worlds: constant contact with students from a wide variety of countries which gives her the opportunity to try out practical ideas in class and time to develop workshops and training courses for staff CPD and one-off  courses for students. 

Based on this constantly developing specialist interest, Amanda is available to run training sessions in pronunciation.