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23 June 2006
Analysis of Responses to our consultation on an Adult ESOL Strategy for Scotland has now been published on the Scottish Executive website
13 December 2006
ALI Chief Inspector's Report. 'Preparation for Life and Work'
24 April 2006
The five ESOL qualifications set out in the table below have been re-approved for one year from 1 January 2006 to 31 December 2006. These qualifications had previously reached their approval end-date on 31 December 2004 and became ineligible for LSC fund
31 August 2006
Standards Verification UK (SVUK) has been asked by the Department for Education and Skills to lead development on the selection criteria for teacher trainers ahead of them submitting bids for CETT status.
10 October 2006
NATECLA warmly welcomes the findings of the NIACE Committee of Enquiry Report “More than a Language”. The full report is now available and the Exececutive summary can be downloaded here
23 August 2006
QCA have decided to retain the accreditation of the single mode speaking and listening qualifications.
17 November 2006
At a meeting in September 2006 between NATECLA and the SFL SU, Neil Robertson asked Management Council to ascertain the views of NATECLA Members.
02 March 2006
Following the 14–19 Education and skills White Paper (February 2005) and the Skills White Paper (March 2005), the DfES gave QCA a remit to develop functional skills in English, ICT and mathematics.
05 December 2006
Lord Leitch, on 5 December 2006 published his final report, 'Prosperity for all in the Global Economy: World Class Skills', which examines the UK's long-term skills needs. It sets out ambitious goals for 2020 which, if achieved, would make the UK a world
05 September 2006
The 3 Year Strategic Action Plan for ESOL has been developed by London Skills Commission partners through its ESOL Steering Group, with the aim of providing a joint strategic approach to addressing London’s ESOL needs.

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