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08 November 2005
The test is for those applying for naturalisation if their level of English is ESOL Entry 3 or above. If below Entry 3 and they wish to apply for naturalisation, they will need to attend combined English language (ESOL) and Citizenship classes.
25 October 2005
ESOL SFL Qualifications accredited by QCA (at 21 Oct 05)
20 October 2005
This report evaluates the quality of literacy, numeracy and language provision in general further education (GFE) colleges and independent specialist colleges (ISCs), one year on from the publication of the original report
18 October 2005
NIACE and LLU+ were commissioned by the Department for Educationa and Skills and the Home Office to produce this pack, drawing on the existing good practice in ESOL provision and the recommendations of the Advisory Group chaired by Sir Bernard Crick in th
14 December 2005
New regulations on the processes for confirming the English language ability of citizenship applicants: implications for LSC-funded providers
22 November 2005
Last November Sir Andrew Foster was invited by the Secretary of State for Education and Skills, and Chair of the Learning and Skills Council (LSC) to carry out a review of the future role of FE college.
09 November 2005
Quick reads are short, fast-paced books, by bestselling authors, specifically written for emergent readers and adult learners.
04 November 2005
As part of the NRDC research project 'Planning learning: research on the use of ILPs with ESOL learners' we are looking for 8 - 12 NATECLA members to participate in a focus group and share their ideas on the use of ILPs with Entry 1 and Entry 2 ESOL learn
31 October 2005
Newly-arrived immigrants seeking British nationality should gain a knowledge of English, our legal and social systems and the roles of the Monarchy and other institutions under proposals unveiled by the Home Office.

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