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01 April 2005

The new toolkit consists of three files, each containing a CD-ROM of the material in the file. File 1 National Test Toolkit Update (NTT/NTT04) and File 3 Practice Tests (NTT/PT04) are available now, and the ESOL material is in File 1. The Practice Tests CD-ROM in File 3 is available to order separately (NTT/PT04/CD). File 2 Teaching and Learning is currently going to print and will be available to order from Prolog (tel. 0845 60 222 60) at the end of March. NTT/NQ04 is the code for the complete toolkit, i.e. all three files The 'ESOL Good Practice Guide' to the National Tests is 20 pages and comprises Part 7 of File 1 of the National Test Toolkit update. It is quite hard to locate as the only contents list is in a small A4 gatefold leaflet which comes separately in the outer box. NATECLA members might appreciate this clue.

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