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Leitch final report 'Prosperity for all in the Global Economy: World Class Skills',

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05 December 2006

Lord Leitch published his final report, 'Prosperity for all in the Global Economy: World Class Skills', on 5 December 2006, which examines the UK's long-term skills needs. It sets out ambitious goals for 2020 which, if achieved, would make the UK a world leader in skills. Background 1. In 2004, the Chancellor of the Exchequer and the Secretary of State for Education and Skills commissioned Lord Sandy Leitch to lead an independent review to consider the skills base that the UK should aim to achieve in 2020 to maximise growth, productivity and social justice and to consider the policy implications of achieving the level of change required. 2. In the 2006 Budget, Lord Leitch was asked to consider an additional area of work: how skills and employment services could be further integrated in order to increase sustainable employment. 3. Lord Leitch has consulted extensively in preparing his interim report, Skills in the UK: The long-term challenge. Copies of the final report :www.hm-treasury.gov.uk/leitch To view the press release click more

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