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London's Strategy for Skills for Life

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05 September 2006

The 3 Year Strategic Action Plan for ESOL has been developed by London Skills Commission partners through its ESOL Steering Group, with the aim of providing a joint strategic approach to addressing London’s ESOL needs. Its development has drawn on the expertise and knowledge of a wide range of organisations – strategic and funding bodies, providers, research partners and other experts. Work is now being carried out to incorporate literacy, numeracy and key skills in the development of a Skills for Life Strategic Action Plan for London. Both plans will be formally launched in November 2006. A regional body has been established to take forward the further development and implemenation of the Strategic Action Plan. Case Study: Co-ordinated Regional Planning The document attached gives the six strategic goals agreed. The evidence shows that whilst there is some really effective ESOL provision, a significant amount is not sufficiently tailored to the differing needs of learners and employers. Templates are being developed for each of the ESOL areas that can accommodate learners'and employers' goals, needs, learning styles and support requirements. In terms of the London ESOL strategy, the LSC wanted to make it clear that whilst LSC funding policy will inform the activities of the London ESOL strategy, it is not and will not be an outcome of them. They have asked us to highlight the case study that they included in the the NIACE ESOL Inquiry which is an example of co-ordinated regional planning. For further information please contact: Pip Kings, Regional Head for Skills for Life (ESOL), LSC London Region, pip.kings@lsc.gov.uk SFL Strategy documents in the public domain can be viewed at http://www.jhconsulting.org.uk/downloads.asp including the November 2006 update. Click 'more' to view the Strategy

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