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29 April 2009
Migration and Community Cohesion
09 June 2009
NATECLA has set out its position on learner qualifications.
28 October 2009
The Learning & Skills Improvement Service (LSIS) has a launched a new Self-assessment and Improvement Planning guide which is available via the Excellence Gateway.
17 March 2009
The newly revised adult literacy, ESOL and numeracy curricula and pre-entry curriculum framework offers guidance and examples of embedded learning in action, relevant to anyone teaching in the post-16 sector.
29 November 2009
The 2008/09 Annual Report principally presents evidence from inspection and regulatory visits undertaken by Ofsted between September 2008 and August 2009. Evidence is taken from inspection activity across the full range of Ofsted’s remit, including childc
29 September 2009
Implementation of 14–19 reforms, including the introduction of Diplomas
10 December 2009
Proposals for adult and community learning inspections from 2010
Demonstration against cuts in jobs and provision 27 June 2009
29 June 2009
NATECLA is very concerned to hear about proposed cuts to ESOL posts and provision. Given the continued demand for ESOL provision and the fact that we have been told that ESOL funding levels will be maintained, we can see no justification for cuts to post
27 February 2009
The Qualification and Curriculum Authority (QCA) has commissioned Tribal Education to carry out an evaluation of the Skills for Life qualifications

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