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Migration and Community Cohesion: The implications for Lifelong Learning

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29 April 2009

The Inquiry into the Future for Lifelong Learning (IFLL), sponsored by NIACE, is holding eight dissemination seminars between April and July 2009. The seminar series will introduce eight of the Inquiry’s interim Thematic Papers. on 22 April the Migration and Community Cohesion event took place. The report by Professor Stephen McNair can be downloaded. Executive summary pages 6-11 http://www.niace.org.uk/lifelonglearninginquiry/docs/IFLL-migration.pdf# The Inquiry published its Migration and Community Cohesion Thematic Paper in March 2009. It explores the implications for lifelong learning of changes taking place in communities in Britain and the growing concern about the coherence and stability of our communities. It recognises that the movement of people within and between countries, globally and within Europe can make a major contribution to the economies of the host country and country of origin, to the creativity and diversity of the areas into which people migrate and to the quality of life of migrants and their families. But it also considers the problems faced by both migrants and host communities. It calls for more co-ordinated policy at national level, a clearer and more active role for local government, the development of some neglected areas of ‘curriculum’ and some changes in the way lifelong learning is funded.

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