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National Conference 2019 for ESOL teachers

We are excited to bring you a fantastic range of workshops for our 2019 conference - many with a practical focus and designed for teachers, managers and volunteers working within the ESOL, EFL, EAP and community language fields in the UK. 

Please make your selections for workshops when you book your delegate pass for the conference. 

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Session A: Friday, 14:00 - 15:00

  • Including Home Languages in the Shakespeare Classroom, Lisa Peter
  • A closer look at Volunteer Led ESOL in Scotland: sharing good practice, Jo Jarvis
  • 10 grammar noticing activities, Christine Tudor-Jones **FULL**
  • Maths for ESOL, Aminjit Dehele and Paul Clement **FULL**
  • The organisation of ESOL - across the UK, Mike Chick and Sam Shepherd **FULL**
  • Pleasure reading with beginners, Martha Young-Scholten and Pedro Malard Monteiro  **FULL**
  • Writing to boost creativity, Colette Butterworth  **FULL**

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Session B: Friday, 15:15 to 16:15

  • Effective practice in Pre-Entry and Entry Level 1 ESOL, Alex Stevenson and Karen Dudley
  • Working with Trauma in the Refugee Language Classroom, Aleks Palanac  **FULL**
  • Visual grammar sprinkled with storytelling, Joanna Davidson-Hajto
  • The impact of digital tools on teaching and learning in the ESOL classroom, Rachel Turner and Elizabeth Butterworth  **FULL**
  • Preparing for the new Ofsted Education Inspection Framework, Dr Philida Schellekens **FULL**
  • Developing Reading in the ESOL Classroom, Sue Primrose
  • A why to and how to guide to using songs in the English language classroom, Carol Samlal and Chris Walklett
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Session C: Saturday, 10:30 - 11:30

  • Drawing your distance travelled: Getting to know your learners, Kathryn Sidaway **FULL**
  • ESOL provision in Northern Ireland: A joined up approach, Ligia Parizzi and Arthur McKeown
  • Supporting ESOL learners with literacy needs, Martha Smith
  • ESOL for citizenship teachers: the first arbiters of ESOL policy, Sundus Ameer
  • ESOL + Maths = Fun Learning, Juliana Saili and Olena Vasyutina
  • Literally Speaking, Emily Bryson
  • Helping ESOL learners to become more confident readers, Bridget Smith
  • Pronunciation needs assessment for the multilingual classroom, Amanda Avison  **FULL**
  • Discovering Grammar – for yourself and for your learners , Mary Osmaston
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Session D: Saturday, 11:45 - 12:45

  • Beyond the classroom: Support your students' independent learning, Bridget Smith **FULL**
  • Engaging the Roma Community, Jo Richardson **CANCELLED**
  • Keep it Play, Ian Wollington
  • The connected online classroom, Franca Marchese
  • Moving toward objectivity in lesson feedback, Jeanette Barsdell
  • Listening: The Hum and Buzz Classroom, Richard Cauldwell
  • Tense conversations, Nick Bilbrough **FULL**
  • Helping our students communicate across cultures, Chia Suan Chong
  • Literally Speaking, Emily Bryson
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Session E: Saturday, 13:45 - 14:45

  • Intercultural communicative competence: What does it mean for ESOL?, Ann Cowie
  • Marking your Skills for Life practice writing assessments, Kate Biggins and Rebecca Hughes
  • 10 tactics for making use of learners’ L1 in vocabulary teaching, Julie Moore **FULL**
  • Combining the old and the new: Using online resources and traditional language learning strategies to support learner autonomy, Luke Hayward
  • It's listening Jim, but not as we know it, Liz Hulford-Wood **FULL**
  • Watching (and) learning during conversations in an ESOL classroom, Richard Gallen
  • Volunteers – What is their role in ESOL provision in 2019?, Sylvia Ashton and Jenny Rist
  • Attractive displays for learning, Caroline Large
  • Using musical activities to support pronunciation, Anne Margaret Smith **FULL**
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Session F: Saturday, 16:15 - 17:15

  • Low-literate learners and the internet - what do we want for them and is it what they want?, Jo Dixon
  • Using musical activities to support pronunciation, Anne Margaret Smith
  • Couch to 5 minute Speaking Exam, Suzanne Hauwaert
  • Keeping Learning Fun: A Toolkit of Lively Lesson Activities, Nathan Rogan
  • Developing learner autonomy, Jenny Roden
  • It's listening Jim, but not as we know it, Liz Hulford-Wood
  • Visual grammar sprinkled with storytelling, Joanna Davidson-Hajto **FULL**
  • Basic Education in Community Languages – using L1 to develop second language and literacy, Naeema Hann
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