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Ruth Hayman Trust Annual Report

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03 November 2014
Ruth Hayman Trust Annual Report

Ruth Hayman Trust would like to thank NATECLA members and other donors for your generous support of the Ruth Hayman Trust.The Trust provides educational grants to adults who are settled in the UK and whose first language is not English and is NATECLA's nominated charity. 

>> The Ruth Hayman Annual report for 2013/14 can be downloaded here. 

As the attached annual report shows, the Trust have had an extremely active year. However, college and university fees are increasing and, in order not to disappoint their many deserving applicants, the charity has been forced to dip into their reserves.

In short, they have to raise more money and are redoubling their fund raising efforts. As a start, Elizabeth Knight, one of their Trustees, is raising money by completing the Capital Ring Walk. Why not sponsor her?
The Trust would be very grateful to hear from any ESOL departments or individuals who would like to organise fundraising events to support their work.

Visit their website for more information. 

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