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'The Learning Revolution'

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25 July 2009
'The Learning Revolution' The Learning Revolution

The Government White Paper 'The Learning Revolution' aims to bring to life a new 21st century vision to help adults learn for pleasure and personal and community development. The White Paper outlines what the whole of Government can do to support learning for pleasure, including funding innovative new ideas and projects, helping to broker access to learning, especially for disadvantaged groups and older people, and building a culture of learning across society. http://www.niace.org.uk/sites/default/files/documents/publications/AL-April09-IFLL-section.pdf The Transformation Fund announced by DIUS in the Learning Revolution paper describes how Government and partner organisations can work together to create a new movement for informal learning. Its aims to encouraging more and different people into learning, particularly people from disadvantaged groups. To open up access to learning in new places, in new ways and at more flexible times and to support people to drive their own learning through self organised groups and learning clubs. £1 million was reserved for early applications (12 June 09) to bid from the £20 million. The early-bird winners have been announced, http://www.niace.org.uk/%E2%80%98early-bird%E2%80%99-transformation-fund-winners NIACE will manage the Transformation Fund and will oversee the distribution of the remaining £19million grant fund. http://www.niace.org.uk/niace-wins-tender-to-manage-transformation-fund A new website for the Transformation Fund was launced on 18 Aug 09 http://www.transformationfund.org.uk/ To view the press release http://www.dius.gov.uk/news_and_speeches/press_releases/learning_revolution_white_paper Please click more to be directed to the DIUS site

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