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NATECLA's latest response to BREXIT

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10 December 2018
NATECLA's latest response to BREXIT

NATECLA has opposed Brexit on the grounds it is detrimental to the ESOL community and contrary to its values and practices. 

The Brexit process is reaching its critical stages.  On December 11th, parliament will vote on Theresa May's proposals for a future relationship with the EU. If the current plans are voted through, free movement of labour will end in December 2020. 

As we have received no clarity on what the current deal would mean for EU citizens currently funded through their EU status, it is likely that large numbers of would-be ESOL learners will no longer be eligible for funding after December 2020. The effects of this on the ESOL sector is likely to be a large scale reduction of ESOL provision in many areas. NATECLA therefore opposes these proposals as a way of responding to the 2016 referendum.

NATECLA urges its members to write to their respective MPs as a matter of urgency, to voice their concerns about the current situation with regards to ESOL.

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