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Brexit transition period: new EU arrivals to have the same rights as existing EU citizens

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12 February 2018

NATECLA management committee draws your attention to the latest proposal of the UK Government to treat those newly arriving from the EU as second-class citizens, having to pay foreign student rates for what were free classes:

>> View the article 'Brexit: Theresa May to fight EU transition residency plan' on the BBC website

ESOL practitioners work with learners from across the EU on a daily basis and experience first-hand the considerable contribution they make to our social, cultural and economic life. Throughout any transition period, future learners should continue to enjoy the same learning rights as their fellow EU citizens, including access to English classes, with no erosion of entitlements to co- or fully funded courses. 
No, we don’t know what will happen when Brexit occurs. What we do know is that EU migrants are leaving – 122,000 in the year since Brexit, and those wanting to work in the UK will face harder entry requirements. 

>> NATECLA is working to keep classes open, and to fund and teach as many learners as would like to learn. Find out more about our draft ESOL Strategy for England that is helping us to campaign for exactly that. 

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