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A speculative commentary a decade after Skills for Life

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18 February 2010

The Future of ESOL? Cooke, M. and J. Simpson (2009) A speculative commentary a decade after Skills for Life. An article from Basic Skills Bulletin 79 (December 2009) pp. 7-8 "The history of English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) under New Labour is characterised by financial, political and pedagogic ups and downs. It started with a bang – an injection of funding under the Skills for Life policy ten years ago – but like the New Labour government itself is ending with something of a whimper,as college ESOL places and jobs come under threat, and as provision is shifted into the workplace or organised by local councils in the ‘New Approach’. This article casts its gaze into the future of ESOL, asking how current trends and policies are likely to affect adult migrants, their teachers, and the broader communities in which they live, the towns and cities of the UK"

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