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Ofsted report:Implementation of 14–19 reforms, including the introduction of Diplomas

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29 September 2009

This is Ofsted’s second report evaluating the progress made in implementing 14–19 reforms. It follows up some of the key strategic issues of the first report, in 2008, and focuses particularly on the introduction of the new 14–19 Diplomas. "Overall, 14–19 initiatives have continued to widen opportunities and meet the needs of young people. Progress in introducing the Diplomas was promising across the 23 consortia visited, many of which have been at the forefront of 14–19 developments. While the main subject learning of the Diplomas was generally going well, other elements, and particularly functional skills, needed more attention" Department for Children, Schools and families -14-19 reform http://www.dcsf.gov.uk/14-19/ Diploma Support website http://www.diploma-support.org/ 14-19 Workforce Support http://www.14-19support.org/ This site gives you access to all the websites and support programmes for those delivering 14-19 reforms Go more to go the ofsted website

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