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London NATECLA Spring Conference: 'Do I have to do that too?

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London NATECLA Spring Conference: 'Do I have to do that too?
NATECLA London is pleased to announce that following our successful events in the Autumn, we will again be putting on a Spring conference for ESOL practitioners.

This spring, we're offering practitioners to engage in workshops which focus on all the extra things that teachers and other staff in further education are sometimes asked to do, outside of the general teaching remit.

There will also be a vital update on the present position of Action for ESOL and raffles, resources and refreshments! 

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Workshop session 1 (2 - 3 pm)
Choose from 3 sessions: Internal Assessment; Employability; or Museum Visits

OPTION 1: Internal assessment, Panchali Kar. 

The workshop will focus on :
  • Learner journey for internally verified courses
  • Evidencing and recording progress and achievement

OPTION 2: Employability, Ania Banks

The workshop is a result of my professional interest in teaching employability skills  as well as the classroom-based project that I conducted last year. It is full of practical tips on how to explicitly teach/embed hard (CVs, Interviews, etc.) and soft (teamwork, communication, etc.) employability skills in general English ESOL classes. All of the ideas have been tried out by my colleagues and evaluated by the students. The workshop itself will be fun, interactive and hopefully very informative.

OPTION 3: Using objects for language acquisition: practical tips about embedding museum visits in your teaching, Jo-Anne Sunderland Bowe, ESOL Programme Manager, The British Musuem and Sabirah Ali, Newham College

This workshop will explore practical approaches to embedding museum visits into your teaching. It will look at the benefits of museum visits for ESOL learners, teaching approaches and methodolgies for language acquitistion using objects and collections, preparatory and post-visit work, an overview on what museums in London offer for ESOL learners, developing self-directed visits."

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Workshop session 2 (3.45 - 4.45)
Choose from 3 sessions:
British Values; Wellbeing, personal development and behaviour; or Fundraising: enrichment and employability

OPTION 1: British Values, Steve Jackson and Chris Parish

Steve Jackson, an ESOL teacher, and Chris Parish, author of 'Being British: Our Once and Future Selves', give a snapshot, interactive presentation of their workshop 'What Does It Mean to be British?', designed to take further the question of British identity in schools and colleges.  

OPTION 2: Wellbeing, personal development and behaviour, ELATT

How do I manage learning that's not in my classroom? How do I include wellbeing, personal development and behaviour in my teaching and learning sessions? Is it another requirement on my already ever-increasing workload? 
This workshop is full of ideas we have developed with ESOL learners and our curriculum. We aim to share our ideas and strategies that connect learning with wellbeing personal development and behaviour, and how this influences our learners’ achievements.

OPTION 3:  Fundraising: Enrichment and Employability, Shweta Otiz (Ruth Hayman Trust)

A practical workshop showing how to engage students in a real world activity.  In raising funds for a charity which helps people just like them - The Ruth Hayman Trust - you will see how students can enthusiastically take the lead on most aspects of the project which really does deliver on promoting students' personal development, behaviour and welfare (PDBW).


We hope you can join us!

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  • Date(s): 11 March 2016 to 11 March 2016
  • Time: 13:00 - 17:00
  • Price: £10 (members), £20 (non-members)
  • Location: Working Men's College
  • Address: Working Men's College
    44 Crowndale Road
    NW1 1TR
  • Main contact: Jane Arstall
  • Telephone: 07875 683 254
  • Email: info@natecla.org.uk

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