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NATECLA Yorkshire and Humber Conference 2022

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Join NATECLA Yorkshire and Humber for their online conference and Branch AGM.

  • DATE: Saturday 5 February 2022
  • TIME: 10:00 - 12:00
  • LOCATION: Online
  • TICKET PRICES: £10 (NATECLA members), £20 (non-members), £5 (volunteers and unwaged people)

All ESOL practitioners - from managers and researchers to teachers and trainees - are invited to join us for our online conference. It provides an opportunity for ESOL professionals from across the region and beyond to engage in a morning of high quality talks and to meet with like-minded professionals. 


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10:00 Welcome from NATECLA Y&H committee

10:10 Keynote speaker - Aleks Palanac

10:40 Teachmeet

11:05 Social break

11:20 Keynote speaker - Joy Vee

11:50 Ruth Hayman Trust 

11:55 AGM

12:00 Close




Trauma-Informed ESOL for Refugees - Aleks Palanac 
Although not usually trained therapists, ESOL teachers of refugee-background students often find themselves dealing with the fallout of trauma and being ‘drawn into increasingly psychosocial roles’ (Costa, 2018:19). This can pose a real challenge to teachers uncertain as to whether it is better in this situation to continue to employ their existing pedagogies, or to attempt to tackle the issue of trauma in the classroom head on, thereby running the risk of trespassing into the domain of the therapist, which might result in further harm being caused. 
Drawing upon her article entitled, 'Towards a Trauma-Informed ELT Pedagogy for Refugees' , this talk will give participants the opportunity to consider how ESOL tutors might safely bring about the psycho-social conditions in which the effects of trauma in refugee-background students might be mitigated, and how strategies might be put in place to start to support students to not only recover, but also potentially to begin to thrive and grow – a phenomenon referred to as post-traumatic growth. 

Aleks Palanac is an EAP/ESOL practitioner-researcher at the University of Leicester and has been heavily involved in developing its University of Sanctuary initiative, particularly by widening participation to HE for refugee-background students through trauma-informed English language provision. Her recent work has included her article entitled Towards a Trauma-Informed ELT Pedagogy for Refugees’ and developing a scheme entitled ‘RefugEAP’, designed to create opportunities for refugee-background students from across the UK to access both formal and non-formal EAP provision to aid them in their efforts to access a UK university. More information about her work is available here. 


Handling Trauma in the ESOL Classroom - Joy Vee
Trauma has many faces. It can be shutting down or over-sharing. It can be lack of focus or driven determination. It can be expressionless or an emotional outburst. And in 2022, it’s sitting in your ESOL classroom. As an ESOL teacher, what are the practical steps we can take to help our students? How can we create a safe place, identify triggers and handle an outburst? This practical workshop will equip you to deal with trauma in your classrooms.

Joy Vee works with refugees and asylum seekers in Scotland, although she is originally a Lincolnshire girl.



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  • Date(s): 05 February 2022 to 05 February 2022
  • Time: 10:00 - 12:00
  • Price: Various
  • Location: Online
  • Main contact: Fatima Bibi
  • Email: info@natecla.org.uk

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