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Keynote Speaker: NATECLA National Conference 2015

Russell MayneNATECLA is delighted to announce its exciting guest speaker for the 2015 National Conference; a rising star in the ELT world - Russell Mayne.  See Russell on Saturday 27 June 2015 from 09:15 - 10:15 at the conference giving his talk on What works and doesn't work in ELT

About Russell's talk

Russell will discuss how we know what works and what doesn't work when we teach and how our ideas become accepted as best practice. He will consider, amongst other sources of good practice, research, academic opinion, fashions and experience before sharing with us what educational research tells us really works.

About Russell

Russell is a tutor in English for academic purposes at the University of Leicester. He has been teaching for over 15 years and has worked in Japan, Taiwan and the UK.

Russell has written for Modern English Teacher and ELTGazette on the subjects of learning styles, research in ELT and pseudo-science in English language teaching. His talk on Pseudo Science at IATEFL 2014 captured the attention of the ELT world and created a buzz across social media channels. Comments included (Russell uses the Twitter handle @ebefl):

  • "Pleased to see the man behind my fave talk at #IATEFL this year - Russ Mayne" (‏@hughdellar)
  • "A guide to pseudo-science in English language teaching - http://bit.ly/1evmLXc  Great talk by @ebefl on #iatefl online(@Marisa_C)
  • " Finally got round to watching @ebefl at #IATEFL - marvellous" (@pterolaur)
  • "People, you need to watch this. @ebefl at #IATEFL" (@theteacherjames)
He was invited to speak at researchED 2014 and University College London. He blogs at evidence-based EFL and is interested in research and teacher beliefs in English language teaching.