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09 August 2010
Qualifications and Credit Famework (QCF) Implementation Policy Update Issue 5
25 August 2010
LSIS have annouced the launch of nine regional ‘Support for Literacy, Language and Numeracy’ (SfLLN) programmes.
23 August 2010
Functional Skills Support Programme publications are going to be available over the next few weeks to support practitioners in the delivery of functional skills. These are listed below and will be made available at www.fssupport.org
23 August 2010
Equality Act 2010. The Equality and Human Rights Comission have published a series of guidance documents to help explain the Act and provide practical examples on how the law has changed.
12 August 2010
The legal right for workers in businesses with more than 250 employees to request time to take up relevant training came into effect from April 6 this year. Time to Train The Government has announced a review of all regulations.
03 August 2010
UKCES Ambition 2020 report
03 August 2010
Refugee and Migrant Justice has gone into administration.

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