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17 December 2009
From April 2010, employees in businesses who employ 250 or more people will have the right to request time to train.
16 July 2015
Government's prioritisation of employment over ESOL education for immigrants is damaging integration
06 December 2007
Ensuring learners with literacy and language learning needs are placed on the most appropriate provision
23 August 2010
Equality Act 2010. The Equality and Human Rights Comission have published a series of guidance documents to help explain the Act and provide practical examples on how the law has changed.
02 September 2010
Equality and Diversity Partnership Project Fund
14 February 2011
ESB's application for Judicial review
24 March 2020
ESOL-Research discussion forum and message board
18 February 2010
Karen Dudley reports on the UCU 'ESOL Question Time' event. Once again colleagues at Tower Hamlets have put ESOL firmly in the spotlight and given food for thought to politicians, local voters and the ESOL community!
02 October 2008
The ESOL Accreditation Handbook has recently been updated.
06 December 2009
Migration and Language Testing

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