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Call to action for ESOL Funding

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09 July 2020

To all ESOL practitioners: ESOL learners need your help

As the professional organisation for ESOL practitioners, NATECLA is calling for increased funding for ESOL next year to enable our learners to continue learning English following the Covid lockdown.  We are gathering support for these requests to the Government, so please email your MP with a version of the text below which you can download, to support this effort.  Please use the information below but edit it to suit your own local situation. 

Please include your full postal address in your email so that your MP is sure you live in their constituency.  If you need your MP’s email address, you can find it here: https://members.parliament.uk/FindYourMP

Downloadable text for email 

ESOL Funding letter for MPs July 2020.docx

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