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Save ESOL: Tweet photos of your students

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19 November 2015
Save ESOL: Tweet photos of your students

Action for ESOL, the campaign body which helps to promote ESOL and defends funding cuts to the sector, is launching a new photo-based 'speech bubble' Twitter campaign this week.

To coincide with the spending view on 25 November 2015 and anticipated further cuts to ESOL, NATECLA would like to urge teachers and students across the country to take part:

  1. Simply download the speech bubble template and print copies for your students
  2. Ask your students to write a short sentence in the speech bubble to answer the question; 'What does ESOL mean to you?'
  3. Take a photo of each student holding the speech bubble (see Amina's example in the accompanying photo)
  4. Tweet the photo using the hashtag #saveesol and copy in your local MP and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (@bisgovuk)
It makes for a really motivating and engaging classroom activity and contributes to an essential cause. 

Happy snapping! 

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