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ESOL News: an exciting turn in ESOL publishing

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16 September 2011

ESOL News: an exciting turn in ESOL publishing Dear ESOL colleagues and supporters, We are a group of ESOL students and teachers who have been involved in campaigning for the future of ESOL. We are keen that everyone is kept informed about the policy changes and developments as well as having the opportunity to contribute to debate and the longer term future and direction of ESOL provision. We have been working collaboratively on a new publication called ESOL News. The first issue is attached. ESOL News aims to be a regular topical newsletter for the ESOL community written by students and teachers themselves. Wondering what to do with your class on Monday morning? Look no further! ESOL News is accompanied by a range of teaching and learning materials at different levels based on the articles and stories in the main publication. Our aim is to provide teachers with a topical and timely resource bank which will inform and support teachers to address real-world issues affecting students in their classrooms. Materials (both paper-based and online) as well as an ‘interactive’ version of ESOL News and lots of other resources and ideas are available on our website. Check it out at www.esolnews.org We are keen to hear from students and teachers who would like to help and contribute to future issues. Please get in touch with us if you want to get involved. We’d also appreciate constructive feedback on what we have done so far. Thank you The ESOL News Editorial Team www.esolnews.org esolnews@yahoo.co.uk

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