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Ofsted Annual Report 2009/10

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26 November 2010

Ofsted Annual Report 2009/10 Link to Main summary http://www.ofsted.gov.uk/Ofsted-home/Annual-Report-2009-10/Main-summary This year, Ofsted inspected 410 learning and skills providers. Work-based learning providers and colleges account for nearly three quarters of these. The key findings are: •Of the 79 colleges inspected this year, 44 are good or better. However, too many colleges remain satisfactory with capacity to improve that is no better than satisfactory. •The performance of colleges serving the most disadvantaged learners is strong. Of the 62 colleges catering for the most disadvantaged learners, 44 were good or outstanding at their most recent inspection and only one was inadequate. This is a similar profile of grades to colleges serving average and advantaged learners. •Science and mathematics was one of the least positively judged sector subject areas in colleges inspected this year. This is a concern because of the particular importance of this sector subject area for economic competitiveness. •Just under half of all work-based learning providers inspected this year are good or better compared with 42% in 2008/09. Over 82% of providers inspected this year had improved or maintained their performance since their previous inspection. •Work-based learning providers that are more established are more likely to be judged good or outstanding than newer providers. •The large majority of teaching offered by adult and community learning providers inspected this year is good. However, no providers have been judged outstanding overall. •Provision contracted by the Department for Work and Pensions is the weakest area of post-16 provision, with the highest proportion of inadequate providers. This year, in a difficult jobs market, 28 out of 34 providers were judged to be inadequate in terms of outcomes for learners. •All 10 providers of information, advice and guidance for adults (nextstep) were judged to be satisfactory, with only one judged good for its capacity to improve. In too many one-to-one sessions, advisers' completion of paperwork dominated the session. Learning and Skills http://www.ofsted.gov.uk/Ofsted-home/Annual-Report-2009-10/Learning-and-skills

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