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Initial Teacher Training grant confirmation

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27 July 2010

Ministers have confirmed that a non means tested Fee Grant of £400 will be available in 2010/11 to support those teachers, tutors and trainers commencing Diploma level ITT qualifications on a Part Time basis from September 2010. Message to FE Employers "Implementation of an FE Fee Grant for Part Time Diploma Level ITT courses This note confirms the payment of fee grants for part time DTTLS ITT courses in 2010/11 and outlines how it is planned to administer them. You will probably be aware that changes to the student support available to all trainee teachers undertaking Part Time Initial Teacher Training (ITT) courses were announced in July ’09 and take effect from September 2010. These changes, which were part of wider changes to the support available for part-time students, have a particular impact in FE where the Part Time ITT route is preferred. Much of the support previously available to help individuals meet the costs of these courses has been removed. Those entering their second year of ITT in September will however continue on previous student support arrangements and are therefore not affected by these changes. Having consulted with a wide range of stakeholders, including the main employer representative bodies, we have gained agreement to mitigate the potential impact, as far as we are able, through funds made available by the phasing out of Golden Hellos and further targeting of bursaries. Our objective is to assist providers in meeting their obligations for training their teaching workforce through FE Initial Teacher Training provision. We will therefore be making a flat rate (£400), non means tested fee grant available in the 2010/11 academic year. The grant is a BIS contribution to providers to cover the fee / course costs of those commencing their Diploma to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (DTLLS) course on a Part Time ‘In-Service’ basis, on or after 1 September 2010. It will also be paid to those commencing Part Time ‘In-Service’ Skills for Life Integrated DTLLS courses and Additional Diplomas. Teachers from non FE employers / providers – e.g. Armed Forces are out of scope, as are all ‘Pre-Service’ trainees. The scheme will be administered through the Institute for Learning (IfL), and funding will flow to you as Employers, for the purpose specified above, based on your claims for staff who are members of IfL and who commence one of these courses on or after 1 September 2010. In turn we expect that the funding will flow on to the ITT provider from you as part payment of the ITT course fees. We are still considering how best to accommodate those trainee teachers who have part time contracts with more than one Employer. IfL are currently working up the detailed systems for this process – as soon as we have full details we will ensure they are made widely available. IfL will then handle queries about the detailed operation of the scheme" Contact: john.davies1@bis.gsi.gov.uk at BIS for any policy based queries.

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