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NATECLA Midlands Spring Conference in Nottingham

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NATECLA Midlands Spring Conference in Nottingham

To be held in the iconic Adams Building at Nottingham College, this afternoon of stimulating and practical teaching workshops and the opportunity to meet with other local ESOL professionals has been scheduled as follows: 


Block bookings welcome – please email info@natecla.org.uk for more details

All ESOL practitioners - from managers and researchers to teachers and trainees - are invited to join us for an innovative programme of practical workshops and networking opportunities. 

Workshop titles

Sponsors for NATECLA Midlands eventYou will be able to attend 2 workshops from the options below – all sessions will be repeated and subject areas have been chosen to have maximum local appeal and relevance:




Workshop details

Sponsors for NATECLA Midlands eventWORKSHOP 1: Differentiation: ‘support and challenge’ in the ESOL classroom, Judy Kirsh

In this session we will look at the concept of ‘stretch and challenge’ and consider how to create ‘challenging’ tasks/activities as well as ‘supportive’ ones in the ESOL classroom.  This is a practical, interactive session in which you will try out some speaking, listening, reading and writing activities and consider ways of adapting texts and tasks for different learners in the same class. You will go away with ideas that you can put into practice straight away! 

About Judy Kirsh

Judy Kirsh is a freelance teacher-trainer and ESOL consultant. She has worked in the field of English Language teaching for over 30 years as a teacher, teacher trainer, consultant, materials writer and external examiner. She has worked on professional development materials (including Citizenship), CPD modules and EIF projects at LLU+ LSBU and the British Council’s ESOL Nexus project. Judy is a trustee, honorary treasurer and former co-chair of NATECLA.

WORKSHOP 2: Talk British Values to Me, Sarah Telfer, University of Bolton
Are ‘British Values’ exclusively ‘British’?  Or are they simply part of the anti-immigrant rhetoric of the BREXIT campaign? There are many potential challenges faced by teachers in the current educational climate post Brexit. This workshop will explore the effects of British Values on the teaching of  ESOL and will examine this in relation to subsequent government policies such as PREVENT.  It will explore a common understanding of the role of a teacher with regard to ‘promoting’ British Values and discuss how this might contribute to the development of citizenship and literacy skills.
The workshop will offer examples of how to sensitively embed these areas into lesson planning and show examples of activities that teachers can use in their literacy and ESOL classes.

About Sarah Telfer
Sarah Telfer is Associate Professor and Lecturer in Teacher Education, University of Bolton. Her specialist area of research focus is on the use of narrative storytelling to promote engagement and interaction in the language classroom.

WORKSHOP 3: Creative English, Richard Goodson 'Creative English' will be practical and inspiring.  Participants will try out various Creative Writing workshop activities which can be repeated with their ESOL students.  Such activities 

  1. motivate students by giving them 'ownership' of their writing. 
  2. increase students' self-esteem.
  3. motivate teachers by making writing fun.
  4. help students explore their relationship with their new country. 

About Richard Goodson

Rich Goodson has been teaching ESOL at Nottingham College, for the last 20 years and has attempted to integrate Creative Writing into his lessons wherever possible.  He is a published poet and is currently Writer-In-Residence for Writing East Midland's 'Write Here:  Sanctuary' project (for which he leads writing workshops for a refugee women's group).

WORKSHOP 4: Getting Started with English Literacy, Anne Margaret Smith

NATECLA Midlands sponsorsMany methods have been suggested to help ESOL learners begin the development of literacy practices – especially when it is the first time they have had the opportunity to do so. This session draws on a combination of methods to present some ideas for participants to consider using with their learners, from facilitating the first experiences of literacy to building confidence and developing skills and strategies.

About Anne Margaret Smith

Anne Margaret is a language teacher, teacher trainer, author and assessor. She founded ELT well in 2005 to promote the overlap between specific learning differences (SpLDs, such as dyslexia) and language learning. She has developed assessment tools to allow multilingual learners to be assessed fairly for dyslexia, and also runs workshops exploring how best to support language learners with SpLDs.

WORKSHOP 5: Speaking warmers, fillers and ice-breakers, Kasia Webb

The workshop will present a number of different practical ideas for ESOL tutors to take home and use. Each activity is creative and innovative and involves speaking. Most activities involve the use of different equipment like cards, power point presentation, internet links incl. some students involvement in IT, as well as some walking around (variations from traditional 'Find someone who'), keeping  students motivated and engaged at all times. The workshop leader will demonstrate most activities using the participants.

About Kasia Webb

Kasia works at WEA in Birmingham as an ESOL Lead Tutor. She has taught ESOL for 13 years in various colleges, now been at WEA for 6 years. She is passionate about creating her own resources to meet students' needs and to add excitement and variety to their learning.


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  • Date(s): 25 May 2018 to 25 May 2018
  • Time: 13:00 - 16:30
  • Price: £10 - members, £20 - non-members, £5 - volunteers / unwaged
  • Location: Nottingham College: Adams Building
  • Address: City (Adams Building)
    Adams Building
    The Lace Market
    Nottingham NG1 1NG
  • Main contact: Jane Arstall
  • Telephone: 0787 568 3254
  • Email: info@natecla.org.uk

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