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BOOKINGS NOW CLOSED: The ESOL Toolkit: Midlands Winter Conference in Birmingham

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BOOKINGS NOW CLOSED: The ESOL Toolkit: Midlands Winter Conference in Birmingham


NATECLA Midlands Winter 2017 Half Day Conference: The ESOL Toolkit promises to provide a stimulating Friday afternoon of workshops relevant to all ESOL professionals.

Block bookings welcome – please email info@natecla.org.uk for more details

All ESOL practitioners - from managers and researchers to teachers and trainees - are invited to join us for an innovative programme of practical workshops and networking opportunities. 

Workshop titles

You will be able to attend 2 workshops – all sessions will be repeated and subject areas have been chosen to have maximum local appeal and relevance.

Workshops are as follows:

  • Event sponsorsMake them laugh and they will learn!, Viorica Lucuta 
  • Don't switch off your phone!, Amy Urry 
  • Vocab is king. How to engage students with new meaning, Caroline Large
  • Why have my learners forgotten it all and what can I do about it?, Christine Tudor-Jones

Workshop details

WORKSHOP 1: Make them laugh and they will learn! Viorica Lucuta

**highly rated at National Conference 2017** Have we forgotten to laugh in our classrooms? Have we all become  too serious about exams, discipline, assignments and paperwork? This workshop will attempt to restore  JOY in the classroom through FUN ESOL teaching activities. You will experiment with delivering not the most riveting content using interesting and feel-good methods and technology.  

About Viorica

I am the e-learning technologist at Redbridge College and lecturer in Teacher Training and ESOL. I teach the BTEC level 3 award in teaching and training. 

WORKSHOP 2: Don't switch off your phone, Amy Urry
**highly rated at National Conference 2017** 

Smartphones can be the bane of every teacher's working day. How about putting them to good use supporting language development for both young and adult learners? 
This session will give you some practical ideas in how to make use of students' phones in an instructive and engaging way. Through the use of Kahoot, Quizlet.com and QR codes, this session will demonstrate how handheld technology can enhance group work and also support personalised and independent learning in and out of the classroom. 

About Amy

Having started my career in EFL, working in Japan and Hungary, I now work in ESOL, predominantly with 16-18 year olds. I work at Barnet and Southgate College both as an ESOL tutor and ICT teacher and, previously, as Young ESOL course leader. I am also a CELTA trainer and teaching and learning coach. 

WORKSHOP 3: Why have my learners forgotten it all and what can I do about it?, Christine Tudor-Jones

Memorisation or ‘learning by heart’ has long been regarded with suspicion in education, and is seen as the enemy of creativity and ‘real’ understanding: but there’s no avoiding the fact that having a good memory is a fairly key asset in adult language learning. My workshop is a largely practical session which will focus on memory-oriented activities and techniques that could be embedded into your lessons to help your learners improve retention of new language.   It will include opportunities to explore memorable ways of initially presenting language to learners, ways of challenging and extending your learners’ working memories, and ways of making the essential business of retrieving and reactivating this language motivating and dynamic. This session may be suitable for experienced as well as new teachers.      

About Christine

Christine has been a member of NATECLA for about fifteen years and has been teaching ESOL for the same length of time.  After 5 torrid years in a primary classroom, she found Birmingham Adult Education ESOL classes, decided this was the place for her, and (kindly sponsored by them) did her CELTA.  She works for  South and City College Birmingham as a lecturer in ESOL, a CELTA trainer and TLC (Teaching and Learning Coach).   She also does a bit of examining of CELTA courses and is the chair of the NATECLA Midlands branch. 

WORKSHOP 4: Vocab is king. How to engage students with new meaning, Caroline Large

This workshop’s aim is to raise the profile of vocabulary learning, and is suitable for both new teachers and those more experienced. Alternative lexical presentation techniques will be highlighted, including the role of comprehensible input, and participants will be challenged with a lively study of unknown vocabulary. This practical experience will be analysed to identify merits and difficulties, and to offer delegates insight into potential classroom applications.

About Caroline

Caroline Large has worked as a teacher trainer in both Birmingham and Saudi Arabia, and has experience conducting teacher training workshops in a variety of different contexts.

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  • Date(s): 01 December 2017 to 01 December 2017
  • Time: 13:00 - 16:30
  • Price: £10 - members, £20 - non-members, £5 - volunteers / unwaged
  • Location: South and City College Birmingham: Fusion Centre
  • Address: 334-339 Bradford St,
    B5 6ES B5 6ES
  • Main contact: Jane Arstall
  • Telephone: +447443601298
  • Email: info@natecla.org.uk

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