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DEvolving Education

NATECLA is delighted to be Ascentis' main partner for their annual conference:

  • DATE: Friday 8th December, 9.30am to 3.30pm
  • LOCATION: Holiday Inn London Bloomsbury, Coram Street, London WC1N 1HT
  • TICKET PRICES: £96.61 (for NATECLA members only - includes 10% discount. Use code NATECLA10 on Evntbrite). £120.76 (non-NATECLA members)

Times have never been so challenging in the education world, and especially the FE sector.  There are many significant, sometimes seemingly conflicting changes ahead and many unanswered questions on everyone’s minds;

  • How will funding work after devolution? 
  • How will the post-16 review affect our provision? 
  • How can I lead my team through this time of upheaval and remain motivated? 
  • How can we innovate to ensure our provision is relevant, up to date, and profitable? 
  • How can we embed British Values whilst balancing true integration in our centre and community?
Ascentis logoTherefore, we have sought to bring relevant leaders in the industry together who will have answers to these questions, and will assist you in planning in both the short and long term.  We have listened to your feedback and planned a packed and efficient programme, with the major themes affecting your centres now and in the future.

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Topics to be covered are:

  • Devolution
  • The Post-16 Skills Review
  • Integration
  • Funding
  • Online developments 
  • The Functional Skills Reform.

Headline speaker, Dame Louise Casey DBE CB will be reflecting on her time as a Government adviser on social policy to four Prime Ministers as well as the Casey Review, just months after her move into the voluntary sector and academia. Other speakers on the day include: Mark Dawe from AELP speaking on the Post-16 Skills Review; Tony Wilson from the Learning & Work Institute speaking on Devolution; Beej Kaczmarczyk from the Learning Curve Group speaking on Funding; and Sue Southwood from the Education & Training Foundation speaking on the Functional Skills Reform. Additionally bespoke workshops with the key speakers are available on Access Online, Functional Skills Reform and Funding.

  • Dame Louise Casey DBE CB - Louise Casey is a British government official working in social welfare. She became Director General, Casey Review Team in July 2015. At the request of the Prime Minister, she is leading a review into opportunity and integration in some of our most isolated communities. 
  • Mark Dawe (CEO of AELP) - Mark was appointed as the new Chief Executive of AELP in March 2016. Previously, Mark was the chief executive of OCR, the exam board, for 5 years. Mark has a wealth of experience across a broad spectrum in the education field. Prior to his role at OCR, Mark was Principal of Oaklands FE College having been Deputy Director and AELP Board Director, FE Strategy at the Department of Education and Skills and before that as Deputy Director, Adult Basic Skills Strategy Unit after joining the department in 2003.
  • Tony Wilson from the Learning & Work Institute - Tony Wilson joined Inclusion as a Director in October 2011. He has more than ten years’ experience of policy and research, project management and delivery across a range of roles in HM Treasury, the Department for Work and Pensions and Jobcentre Plus.

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  • Date(s): 08 December 2017 to 08 December 2017
  • Time: 09:30 - 15:..
  • Price: £96.61 (members), £120.76 (non-members)
  • Location: Holiday Inn London Bloomsbury
  • Address: Holiday Inn London Bloomsbury,
    Coram Street,
    London WC1N 1HT
  • Main contact: Lindsay Price, Ascentis
  • Telephone: 01524 845 046
  • Email: Lindsay.Price@ascentis.co.uk

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