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NATECLA Webinar: Ofsted – what does the Education Inspection Framework mean for ESOL?

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NATECLA Webinar: Ofsted – what does the Education Inspection Framework mean for ESOL?

Title: Ofsted – what does the Education Inspection Framework mean for ESOL? 

 Date: Friday 21 October 2022

Time: 17:00 - 18:30

Presenters: Mary Osmaston, Jennie Turner and Keeley Donati

Cost: NATECLA members £5, non-members £30


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Ofsted’s Education Inspection Framework (EIF) places a strong emphasis on curriculum and long-term learning. This is good because focusing on what to teach and how effectively students learn matches well to what we aim to do in ESOL.  The EIF was launched in 2019, but is less familiar than it might be, due to the pause in inspections during the pandemic.  In this webinar the presenters will talk about what inspectors are looking for and how this relates to effective ESOL teaching and learning, as well as what an inspection actually consists of and how to prepare for one.

Our presenters have a range of experience of inspecting, being inspected and preparing for inspection. The session is most relevant for teachers and managers in England, but the learning principles apply to teaching ESOL everywhere. Please note that this session is very similar in content to the keynote speech at the NATECLA National Conference 2022.



Mary Osmaston is an experienced ESOL teacher, teacher trainer and manager as well as a part time Ofsted inspector. She has inspected ESOL under the new Ofsted framework and supports organisations in quality improvement and preparing for inspections.   

Jennie Turner is an experienced ESOL teacher and manager. She has considerable experience of Ofsted inspections of FE colleges an recently led her team through an inspection on the new framework.

Keeley Donati has just under 20 years' experience of working in Adult Community Learning - initially as an ESOL teacher and then as manager of a range of curriculum areas, including maths, English, ESOL and teacher training. Currently Assistant Principal, Curriculum & Quality, and Ofsted nominee at Thurrock Adult Community College.


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  • Date(s): 21 October 2022 to 21 October 2022
  • Time: 17:00 - 18:30
  • Price: £5 member, £30 non-member
  • Location: Online webinar
  • Main contact: Fatima Bibi
  • Email: info@natecla.org.uk

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