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Deliver a workshop: NATECLA National Conference 2015

**The deadline for submitting a workshop has now passed**

NATECLA is currently inviting applications from workshop leaders with an interest in ESOL and English Language Teaching to deliver relevant sessions at our 2015 National Conference.

THE DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS has now been extended to FRIDAY 20 MARCH 2015 and successful submitters will be notified at the end of March.

Your workshop should appeal to ESOL AND ELT teachers, managers and other related professionals practising in the UK. We welcome proposals on topics including:

  • Deliver a workshop at NATECLA's National Conference 2014Practical teaching skills
  • Using ICT in the ESOL / ELT classroom
  • ESOL assessment
  • 14-19 ESOL learning
  • Citizenship
  • ESOL policy
  • Accreditation 
  • Funding
  • Job Centre ESOL
  • Inspection
  • ESOL / ELT research
  • Refugees / asylum seekers


>> Decisions will be made by the end March 2015. 

>> To make an enquiry, email info@natecla.org.uk

Essential Information

Workshop reimbursements can only be claimed by non-commercial workshop leaders. 

  • Commercial organisations - Those representing a commercial organisation such as a publisher, awarding body or training organisation will not be entitled to claim a fee and must pay £150 to deliver a session if it is approved. 
  • For non-commercial workshop leaders, NATECLA will pay £50.00 per workshop session, plus travel expenses (£50 maximum). These reimbursements are per workshop and NOT per workshop leader. Alternatively, workshop leaders can receive a FREE day pass to attend other workshops on the same day as their own. 
Please note: NATECLA is a registered charity and, as a result, must limit its expenses accordingly. 

Attending other parts of the conference as a delegate:
  • Commercial workshop leaders are welcome to attend the full conference provided that they purchase a delegate pass for the day(s) that they attend, including the day of their workshop. 
  • Non-commercial workshop leaders can choose to receive a FREE conference day pay to attend other workshops on the same day as their own as an alternative to receiving a £50 reimbursement and travel expenses of up to £50. 
Take advantage of our early booking rates before 8 May 2015.


It is difficult to predict how popular a workshop will be. We reserve the right – although we try not to exercise it – to cancel a workshop because of low numbers, a week before the conference. This would only happen after consultation with the leader(s).

If you have any questions, please contact Jane Arstall at info@natecla.org.uk.