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What does NATECLA do

NATECLA (National Association for Teaching English and Other Community Languages to Adults) is the national forum and professional organisation for ESOL teachers. 

When you join NATECLA you become part of the community of ESOL and community language teachers in the UK. We also operate regional branches in the North West, Yorkshire & the Humber, Midlands and London.  We encourage all members to be part of their local branch committee, to help inform and shape the future of the organisation. The branches also organise training events and workshops several times a year. 

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Charitable status

NATECLA was also granted charitable status in October 2013, allowing the organisation to claim tax relief on income and apply for grants from trusts/donors. 

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NATECLA Vision and Values

Supporting ESOL teachers in UKNATECLA works to the following values:  
  • Independence and professionalism in language education
  • Support for ESOL and community languages practitioners and learners
  • High quality, relevant training opportunities, both local and national
  • Respect for diversity and multilingualism
  • Expert advice to government bodies and other agencies
  • Campaigns which promote and protect ESOL and community languages

Shaping the future of ESOL and connecting ESOL teachers

NATECLA takes part in national debates on ESOL funding, policy and content and responds to other developments as they arise. Management Council members define the NATECLA perspective and co-ordinate this response.

We are very keen to draw on the expertise of our membership to help us to understand the issues and to respond appropriately. We have established Working Groups and Special Interest Groups around key themes as a way of enabling members with particular expertise or interest in an area to help to develop the NATECLA position and to inform the debate. Or you could simply use these forums to share classroom ideas or updates in a particular field. Each group has a chair and meets or liaises by email and through Google Groups. The work of the group is shared with a wider audience through our newsletter and website to give others a chance to offer suggestions and comments. 

Groups include

We are always keen to expand the working groups and increase participation, if you would like to hear from you if you would like to take part in any of the groups contact NATECLA.

Supporting our members with their ESOL career

Training events for ESOL educatorsFor 40 years, NATECLA has shared expertise and participated in new developments in the specialised ESOL field. 

Individual members work in colleges, adult education centres and in the community, as teachers, managers, examiners and assessors, inspectors and teacher trainers.  NATECLA holds an annual conference, which has been an established event in the ESOL calendar for many years.  NATECLA also organises regional training events for ESOL practitioners and has an active branch network.  NATECLA publications include NATECLA News, which keeps members informed on national developments in ESOL, and an academic journal Language Issues. 

We are committed to equality of opportunity in education and to the educational rights of asylum seekers and refugees.  NATECLA supports its members in meeting the challenges of delivering ESOL in contexts and areas where there has until recently been little or no demand. 

We are a charity, governed by a National Constitution.